302 NE 14th Street, Leon, IA 50144
(641) 446-2383

Services Provided


 CHCSI provides a wide variety of health care services, including, but not limited to:

            • Family Medicine
            • Primary Health Care
            • Preventive Health Care
            • Well Child Care
            • Immunizations
            • Referrals to Specialists
            • Tobacco Cessation
            • Chronic Disease Management
            • Mental Health Counseling
            • Behavioral Health 
            • Substance Abuse Counseling
            • Emergency Dental Care
            • Primary Dental Care
            • Preventative Dental Care
            • Secondary Dental Care
            • Dental Rehabilitation Services
            • 3D Mammography
            • Vision
                        CHCSI also offers a sliding fee program that allows us to 
                                provide services at a discounted rate based on 
                                 family size and income for those that qualify! 

                                You will find our Sliding Fee Application below!