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Available Services

Services Include
  • Care Coordination
  • Family Support Services
  • Peer Support Services
  • Health Promotion and Support Groups
  • Nurse Care Management


Youth/Adults with Mental Illness or Severe Emotional Disturbance often experience multiple barriers when trying to get the health care they need.

The Integrated Health Home Program is a FREE program for Medicaid participants with Mental Illness or Severe Emotional Disturbance. The program is designed to:

·          Improve Access to Behavioral Health and Medical Care

·          Improve the participant’s overall health care experience

·          Improve the medical and behavioral outcomes of participants

By providing participants with Comprehensive Care Management, Care Coordination and Health Promotion, Individual and Family Support Services, and Referral to Community and Social Support Services, the Integrated Health Home Program can partner with youth and their family to improve their overall wellness.


Our specialized support services are designed to:

·          Engage participants in their own treatment

·          Teach participants how they make healthy choices

·          Educate participants on their own mental health symptoms and triggers

·          Build skills so participants can self-manage their behavioral and physical health care

·          Teach participants to advocate for themselves

·          Educate participants and families about their support choices

·          Listen to individuals and families about the fears they have

·          Be a safety net For High Risk/High Needs Persons


Will I have to change doctors?

No. Our Integrated Health Home team will work with the Doctors, Specialists, Behavioral Health and Service providers that you currently have to help you improve your overall health.

Will my services change?

No. This service is an addition to your other services. In the State of Iowa, you may be required to participate in an Integrated Health Home Program in order to access some mental health services, such as Habilitation Services.

Getting Started

Upon referral to our agency, an individual and/or their family will meet with our Care Coordinator to complete the intake process. At this time, the Care Coordinator will determine if the person is eligible for our Integrate Health Home Program.


All services are voluntary. An Individual must want to actively participate in the service. To be eligible for our Integrated Health Home Program, a person must be:

·          Medicaid eligible

·          Diagnosed with Mental Illness or Severe Emotional Disturbance

·          Living in Appanoose, Decatur, Lucas, Monroe, Ringgold, or Wayne County 

There is no wrong door for access to support services. If you are not eligible for our Integrated Health Home Program, our Care Coordinator can assist you in determining what other programs you may be eligible for.

If we feel your needs will be better served by another Integrated Health Home Program, we will facilitate your referral to the program of your choice.