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The perfect sleeping climate offers a lot of talking material, especially for couples sleeping in the same bedroom. Starting with the choice of the right bed in connection with the mattress and bed linen, the needs of the partners often differ in terms of temperature and ventilation. One reason for this is that everyone likes it differently. However, many also lack the knowledge of what the perfect sleeping climate of a bedroom should look like. We clarify and give you a few tips below, so that you too can sleep better in the future. White linen sits on a bed in front of the window through which plenty of light enters the room. Why is the perfect sleeping climate so important? Our sleep determines how we feel the next day. If we do not sleep well, this affects our mood and, in the long term, negatively affects our well-being. In the worst case we get sick, suffer from back or neck pain, are unconcentrated and use nothing more. This is not good for us and for our fellow human beings. In order to avoid sleep problems, we should therefore also pay attention to a healthy bedroom temperature. However, this is not so easy when one considers that there are people who like to sleep in warm or rather in cold rooms. Find a compromise, perhaps through different warm ceilings or change the bed side, for example. How high should a healthy bedroom temperature be? The sleeping climate is decisive for a restful sleep. A pleasant sleeping climate promotes our sleep. If it is too cold, then we freeze (tension and colds are the result), it is too warm, we sweat. But what is a healthy bedroom temperature and what should you consider? To ensure the perfect sleeping climate, you should know about https://bunk-beds-microfiber.page.tl several factors. Too high humidity interferes with the regulation of body temperature and thus also your sleep. Too low also has a negative effect. Make sure that your bedroom has a healthy bedroom temperature between 16 °C and 20 °C. The optimum humidity is in the range of 40% to 60%. Depending on the weather and season, the humidity may also be above or below the optimal range.