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When I went to school, I still studied Korean for about 6 months to reach Topik 2, then enrolled in a college major. When straight visa is granted, that candidate only needs to buy a ticket to enter a major of his / her registered field, not to study a Korean course With the slogan Belief - Honor - Quality "- HTC Education always takes the quality of education as the foundation for development and training of scientific knowledge to bring the highest value to domestic human resources HTCEducation has been and is a bridge. helping young Vietnamese human resources catch up with the trend of global integration. HTC Education fully supports the preparation of your study abroad documents, related documents and interview practice if you are called to interview from the Korean Consulate. The route for those who do not know Korean when coming to Korea to study is as follows: Tìm hiểu thêm : trung tâm học tiếng hàn tại đà nẵng uy tín và chất lượng Therefore, students who do not know Korean do not need to worry because you can completely take these courses, then study a specialized course. Tips for studying abroad in Korea 2019. Here are some important changes in Korean student visa application in 2019-2020 that HTC Education has updated: Since 2019, Korea has made many changes in the study abroad policy that you must know. - In case the scholarship is less than 100%: Scholarship certificate (original) and normal financial proof as the student is self-sufficient. - Visa to study under the exchange program of two universities Vietnam - Korea (D-2): Deposit USD 9,000 into the bank for a minimum of 03 months to the date of submission. Therefore, students need to carry out the necessary procedures to obtain this legalization confirmation as soon as possible (5-6 months before the start of the enrollment period); avoid the lengthening of processing time, resulting in missed enrollment limits of schools. Master's courses in Korea usually last for 2 years (3 years with some special majors). The passing the university entrance exam for Korean students is of great importance, bringing quite a pressure to them. Therefore, depending on the implementation and area, there is a slight difference in the operation of the school. An extremely important issue for self-sufficient international students - that is part-time work. After completing all the procedures, the path to study in Korea has been open to you. Đọc thêm Cơ hội du học nghề điện tử Hàn Quốc là điều trong tầm tay bạn, đừng bỏ lỡ nhé! www.hanbeeviet.edu.vn/tin-tuc/giao-duc/du-hoc-nghe-dien-tu-han-quoc-2168.html